Cause I’m Out Here Grinding

Grinding Station (Left View)
Grinding Station (Right View)

My computer setup (click the pics to enlarge):

  • Two 27″ Samsung P2770HD monitors
  • Alienware 23″ OptX 2310 3D monitor (and Nvidia 3D Vision glasses)
  • 17″ MacBook Pro
  • Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise Cancelling headphones
  • Logitech MX5500 keyboard/mouse combo
  • Logitech MX Air mouse

Overall, I’m not a very materialistic person but I think you should be very happy and comfortable with the location where you spend most of your time.  I absolutely love my setup and I use it mainly for grinding poker, doing recreational programming, or simply relaxing.

I use the leftmost monitor for the Xbox 360 (and connect it to my PC with Media Center to watch poker videos).  I generally dual-monitor, filling the right monitor with poker tables and use the middle monitor for web browsing and poker videos.  I could never [happily] go back to using a single monitor after using two monitors for the last few years.

One thing that I think is very important for a poker setup is redundancy.  I have a redundant (wired) keyboard, two redundant mice (one wired), and just recently a second internet connection.  Once you start playing pots approaching the cost of a year’s worth of internet bills, you can easily see the merit in having such redundancies.  A friend of mine recently disconnected from the internet when he was in a $1200 pot with the nuts (best possible hand) and didn’t connect in time… yikes!

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  1. Sounds expensive, that nuts.

    Shitty, sounds like he lost his nuts.

    What kind of guy loses his nuts.

    Those are expensive nuts.

    I could go on.

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